Q:  What is a roll off (dumpster)?
A:  A trash container that has four sides and is open on top. It is called a "roll off" because we roll-it-off the back of our truck onto your driveway or yard.  See a picture

Q:  Are there additional charges if I exceed a certain weight limit?
No, our prices are flat rate charges based on the size of the dumpster.  Please contact our office if you plan to fill your dumpster with dirt, brick, sand, or concrete as it may be over the legal weight limit imposed by the state of Indiana. Contact Us

Q:  Is there anything I can not put in my dumpster?
The following items can not be placed in a dumpster: hazardous waste, chemicals, pesticides, asbestos materials, tires, liquids, or any item containing freon (refrigerators / air conditioners).

Q:  How long can I keep my dumpster?
A:  As long as you would like; however, there is an additional charge of $3 per day after 7 days.

Q:  How far in advance should I order my dumpster?
We can typically deliver your dumpster with as little as a 1/2 days notice; however, the more notice the better. The dumpster's are delivered on a "first come - first served" basis.

Q:  What forms of payment will you accept?
A:  Cash, checks (with a valid drivers license), Visa, Mastercard, or corporate charge account for commercial customers (subject to qualification and credit approval).

Q:  When is payment due?
A:  There two options:
      1) Credit Card payment is due over the phone when the order is placed
      2) Check or Cash payment is due upon delivery of the dumpster
      Note:  * All checks will require drivers license verification
                 * To specify the exact placement location of the dumpster your presence may                                  be required at time of delivery

Q:  Do you automatically pick up the dumpster at the end of 7 days?
A:  No, we wouldn't want to accidentally pick up the dumpster before your project is complete. Instead, we ask that you simply give us a call when you are ready to have your dumpster picked up.

Q:  How high can I fill the dumpster?
A:  The dumpster may be completely filled up to a point where the contents are level with the top edge of the container.

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